The Ted Lewis Archive

The material in this archive helps tell the story of the artist and crime writer Ted Lewis. We have drawn upon a number of sources who have donated their archives, some of whom knew Ted from childhood, others are enthusiasts of his work or collectors in their own right. We are very grateful for their donations. To advance Ted’s legacy the Centre proposes sharing this material with a wider audience. Whether you are a literature student, enjoy reading noir type literature or have a local or creative writing interest, we hope this archive will be useful and also entertaining. Highlights from our collection include:

  • Ted’s diary from 1964 (TLC/D002) in which he enters remarks about the progress of his early novels.
  • Copies of The Bartonian (TLC/D019), a school newspaper which published a short story by Ted when he was a pupil of Barton Grammar School.
  • A collection of statements and testimonies (TLC/J) from those who knew Ted personally .
  • Copies of Ted’s own testimony (TLC/J002) in which he discusses the genesis of his most famous novel, Jack’s Return Home.


Please note that while this service is in its infancy, the Ted Lewis Centre recommends that researches wishing to view the archives in Barton-on-Humber should make a prior appointment which can be done as follows:

  • Researchers can browse the extensive range of archive material by downloading the catalogue (click here); or
  • Use our contact form (click here)

Many of the items are the copyright of their creators but some our own copyright or we have licence to copy. Others are in general circulation. We are aware that much of research will be for educational purposes and may be shared for this purpose but must not be further reproduced. We may therefore need to qualify the supply of any particular document depending on its nature.